I serendipitously stepped on my yoga mat for the first time When I was in college.

My goal was to stretch my muscles after a workout. Over the last 19 years it is the spot I return to the most. On my mat I can exhale. Breath out the day at night or welcome it in the morning. From my mat I can teach, nourish and grow. I can pour into others years of wisdom and understanding about the human body and the human spirit.

I am on a never-ending quest to try new things and love anything that challenges the body and mind. My personal motto is "if we are not stretching out of our comfort zone, than we are not growing into our greatness."

Fueled by a mission to impact and transform lives, I use yoga and essential oils to heal, to enlighten and to uplift. As an essential oils guru, I have been able to offer clients a new way of healing from the inside out.

After moving around the country for the last 13 years, hitting both the east and west coast, Florida, Arizona and the Colorado Rockies twice, I now reside in the Mid-west, where it all began. I live with my husband, our four super-cool kids, and Winston the 110lb. lap dog.   

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Marisa's Formal Education:

  • Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (study of human movement)
  • MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration
  • Fitness, Bodybuilding and Figure Competitor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Spinning Cycle Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Triathlete Competitor

How it all started

I remember being in 10th grade and having chronic lower back pain. My mom took me to the doctor and they scheduled a bone scan. Upon getting the results that there was nothing really structurally wrong. I was told to take one Naxoproxn a day when my I had back pain. My 15 year old self decided at that moment I would rather have back pain then have to take medicine everyday. I decided not to follow that protocol because it just didn’t seem right to me. There had to be a cause for this pain. Taking the medicine was just a bandaid but I wanted to know what was causing the pain.

I remember when my youngest daughter, a twin, was born with a mecomium plug much like a clogged drain. Nothing was getting out and so her digestive issues began. One pediatrician told me to give her mineral oil in her bottle each time she had a bottle. Another pediatrician told me to give her Miralax each day. It’s fine a lot of kids use it and eventually she will not need it anymore. I wanted her to be comfortable but I also wanted her to not be ingesting a medicine each day. I wanted to know what was causing the issues for her but also gave her medicine to comfort her and help her because I felt helpless.

I remember when my son was plagued with ear infection after ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics frequently. I was left again feeling helpless, my poor son had hearing loss and a delay in speech.  I was told it was common for kids to get ear infections and I was doing the right thing.

All of it never felt right, the medicines to mask the issue. Yes relief for my kids but still I felt like I was always searching for the reasons why and how could it be fixed most naturally.

These stories are all part of my wellness journey. Come with me as I offer essentials to be well that I have learned along the way.