Essential Oils

You’ve heard about essential oils for awhile now, and you want to know: what’s all the hype about? Grab a mug of tea or coffee and I’ll let you in on the secret.

Each time you smell a flower and its sweet scent envelops you, you experience the aromatic qualities of essential oils. When you peel a clementine, the citrus aroma that’s released is the essential oil of the fruit. Like clementines, other plants have essential oils hidden in their petals, leaves, and other parts. Essential oils are the concentrated extracts of those plants.

And did you know essential oils are great for more than just their fragrance? Different cultures have used them to heal the body and mind for thousands of years! Oils restore your natural internal balance so you’re always functioning your best. Each oil’s unique properties provide specific benefits that help you build a straightforward wellness routine.

As great as essential oils are, they’re not all equal in quality. The purity of an essential oil is affected by dozens of factors during production, so how a plant is grown and processed is critical to making a quality product.

And this, my friend, is why I love doTERRA essential oils! Their commitment to quality is so strong, they created their own extensive testing process to make sure each bottle is effective and safe. Let’s break down what that really means. Each oil is third-party tested for impurity, contamination, and adulteration. Only if the oil’s test results come back clean is it stamped Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and then sent on to doTERRA. Talk about going the extra mile! This is why 96% of all doTERRA’s suppliers sell exclusively to doTERRA: other companies don’t demand the same level of quality for their customers. To find the test results of your doTERRA oil, check these Quality Reports and enter the number on the bottom of your bottle.

doTERRA doesn’t stop at getting the best oils for you—it also gives back to farming communities around the world. The company’s Healing Hands Foundation provides growers with the resources they need to build thriving local communities, including clean water, education, hospitals, and more. By growing plants in the regions they are native to, doTERRA helps create sustainable business relationships in developing nations that are beneficial for everyone.

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