The coffee mug.

Hello Gorgeous!

How is your day?

What are you going to manifest today?

These few lines started as a joke when I bought two new coffee mugs. One for my best friend in Massachusets and one for myself here in Ohio. While we are going about our day being moms, running our businesses, and getting the dailies done, we can grab a cup of coffee or tea and think of the other, and wish them a good day filled with lots of love. I grabbed mine this morning for the first time while my three girls were eating breakfast before school and sang out to them the three lines. First off I can't sing, second they just looked at me like I had three heads. I think one kid actually said, "mom you're scaring me." and another said, "mom please stop." 


For some reason right after I said it, it stuck with me. Everyone that is doing life (which means everyone) should wake up each morning to Hello Gorgeous! How is your day? What are you going to manifest today? Try saying it to yourself...doesn't it feel good. You are gorgeous on the inside and out, you are cared for and you are creative. Go slay your day and remember all that you desire. If I have learned anything in the first half of 2018 it is you get to create your life. Each morning I get to choose my thoughts, what I plan for my day, what attitude I go to work with, how I look at situations that come up and in all of that I am creating my life. Mindset is Gold friends.  

Life can beat us down, chew us up and spit us out but the fact that we continue to get up and after it again says a lot about character and devotion to something greater than ourselves.

This blog is going to be full of life stuff... tips to live well and why we need to take care of ourselves not in a selfish way but in a way that helps us to be better at life. A more nourished version of you.

LIVE WELL Friends!



Inhale... Exhale.

Take a nice big inhale through the nose. Let your belly expand and your chest rise. Take in the fresh oxygen and let it nourish your body. Pause for a moment holding the breath. Now let it all out gently through the mouth as if you are fogging up a mirror. Pause for a moment and notice. You are doing breathwork, a part of practicing yoga! Do this sequence five times. Feel the sensations in your body, notice the muscles that help with the inhale and exhale.


Now, continue the inhale the same and as you exhale keep the lips together and let the air leave the body through the nose. Continue this cycle of breath for 10 breaths. Maybe close the eyes to take away the visual sense so you can connect more with the body and what it is doing. This breath is known as the ujjayi breath, it helps to quiet the mind and nervous system. 


Many people may get overwhelmed and intimidated by yoga. They think they have to be able to do headstands and put their foot behind their head. Those postures are all good and beneficial but not necessary for everyone. If you can breathe you can do yoga. The breath work leads to the postures which lead to a meditation practice.

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xo Marisa