Do you have kids in your life? Your own children, grandkids, nieces, nephews, your friends kids?

If so, I have great news! I have found the best way to support them emotionally and physically.

These six bottles are like magic! Just this morning we used Brave, AKA our soldier blend, on my little guy as he started to have a meltdown before school. We finished off with Stronger for an immunity boost. These bottles are the real deal and a way to help parents, caregivers and friends support their kids. Here’s a little note on each blend in the Kids Support Lifestyle Kit.


  • Gives one an emotional and physical shield.

  • Emotionally from distressed feelings and poor boundaries.

  • Physically supports the body’s immunity system and helps fight off bacteria, unwanted bacteria or pathogens and airborne pathogens.

  • Assists body in fighting off unwanted bacteria or pathogens, throat discomfort and seasonal or environmental threats.

  • Supports the body as it is healing from a weakened immune system, cuts, and scrapes.


  • Leaves one feeling empowered.

  • Helps with anxiousness,

  • Supports one with a lack of confidence or motivation.

  • Helps dispel overwhelm, nervousness and digestive upset.

  • Also, can be sue for aches and pains.


  • Gives an anchored feeling.

  • Helps with difficulty focusing, attention problems.

  • Supports lack of focus and concentration.

  • Apply as needed for stress and moodiness.

  • Supports an over active or under active brain.


  • Gives a sense of being grounded.

  • Helps with uncooperative, obstinate or out of control behavior.

  • Helps with overwhelm and overstimulation.

  • Supports grief, sadness and disappointment.

  • Wonderful as part of a nighttime routine.


  • Very soothing and comforting.

  • Supports muscle aches and tension.

  • Amazing for growing pains.

  • Assists with headaches and neck pain.

  • Supports distressed and fearful little ones.


  • Leaves one able to relax and unwind.

  • Supports bedtime and any sleep issues.

  • Helps when one is unsettled or restless.

  • Assists with wound up and uptight energy.

  • Clams anger, agitation and irritability.

This Kids Support Lifestyle Kit is the solution every family needs. This empowering kit naturally supports children emotionally and physically. Rollers are for children 2 years and above, great for adults too. Upon purchasing you will get:

  • A video walking you through how to use each product.

  • A welcome call with Marisa to discuss how these oils can be used for the kids in your life and also how you can use them!

  • A link to a 5 meditation for kids that helps them to calm down and prepare for the next thing, whether it’s sleep or an event out.

  • Access to the LIVE WELL TRIBE private FB group.