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Have you thought about making some extra money to help with family expenses or would love to have your oils paid for each month? If yes, join my team and let's get you started on an amazing adventure!


Upon joining my awesome team, you will get...

  • A team leader and mentor who will guide you through the process of launching your doTERRA business

  • You will get one-on-one coaching with your team leader every week, if you choose.

  • Video chat with Marisa and her leaders.

  • Weekly training sessions via a video call.

  • Access to special promotions

  • Invitations to special online classes for you and your team

  • Guidance and advice on essential oil use

By joining my team you are on the path to success from the very beginning!


What do I need to get started?

The doTERRA opportunity is very low cost when compared to starting a traditional business, and it creates residual passive income for your future. Around 70% of people who purchase doTERRA come back and purchase again. This means that you will have continuous income for you and your family.

In order to sell doTERRA you must also be an active user. This means you will need to purchase one of the membership kits, and set up a monthly order of 100PV. That is it! Once you do these two things you can begin selling doTERRA and earning income. 


Walk me through enrollment, please!

STEP 1 – Open your doTERRA account & select an enrollment kit here

  1. First you need to open a doTERRA account by clicking here.

  2. If prompted, Select language and country of residence

  3. Choose Wellness Advocate. This will allow you to receive income from doTERRA

  4. Fill out the form. For both Enroller ID and Sponsor ID use 3357321

  5. Select your kit

  6. Submit the order


STEP 2 – Set up your monthly LRP 100PV order

The Loyalty Rewards Program in simple terms, is an auto-ship service provided by doTERRA. You simply add items to your order that you would like to be shipped to you next month, and they will be shipped out at the same day each month. In order to receive income from doTERRA you must be enrolled in LRP and have a 100PV order set up each month. Each month you go into your account and manage your LRP adding new items you need and deleting those you do not need to order again that month. Some items I get each month so I leave them in my cart always! No matter what day of the month it is you need to have 100PV in your account otherwise the computer system will just skip over your account and I don't want you to miss receiving your revenue!


STEP 3 - Start sharing doTERRA with your friends and family. 

All you have to do is keep an ear out for anyone talking about sleepless nights, colds they are fighting, or discomfort. Then you can invite them to the class or schedule a one on one meeting with them. However, the biggest reward is being able to help improve the lives of many people with the power of essential oils.

Marisa Ramsier-Marisa Ramsier-0123.jpg

How do I grow my business?

  • Share oils and your experiences with your family and friends

  • Start holding classes or essential oil parties and tell your friends to bring their friends

  • Have one-on-one classes with friends

**Every time someone enrolls on your team and makes a purchase you will earn commissions. As your team grows larger your income will grow as well. Every month when members of your team place orders you will continue to earn money. 


Income Potential

doTERRA enjoys an unheard of 68% retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average of under 10%. After joining doTERRA, about 70% of all customers reorder, continue to share doTERRA products, and/or build a doTERRA business. Why?  Because doTERRA offers one of the best compensation plans anywhere. There are multiple ways to earn income when you become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. The table below will show you the average income for the various ranks:

  • Silver: $2,217 per month

  • Gold: $4,917 per month

  • Platinum: $9,583 per month

  • Diamond: $17,083 per month

  • Blue Diamond: $38,500 per month

  • Presidential Diamond: $112,750 per month

Note: These figures are not estimates. These are real monthly income averages for Wellness Advocates at each rank in 2015.

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